What's New in RT 4.4: Overview

As we're wrapping up testing of RT 4.4, it's time to start showing you some of the new features we've added to make RT even more useful. If you're looking into RT version 4.4 for the first time, take a look at the list below to learn more. And if you have helped us by testing our 4.4 release candidates, thank you, and you might still find something new in the blog posts to come. Finally if you're still on an older release of RT, possibly even in the 3.x series, take a look at some of our previous releases to see all you get by upgrading in addition to the new 4.4 features.

As always, RT 4.4 comes with a full set of upgrade scripts and additional upgrade information, so we hope you'll be able to upgrade soon and take advantage of the new features. If you need help upgrading from any version of RT, we also offer a range of upgrade and support services. Just send email to contact@bestpractical.com.

New RT 4.4 Features

One of the bigger changes in this release is we've integrated our popular extensions for Assets, SLA management, and LDAP integration. This will make it easier for new RT users to discover the features provided by these additions and will provide more seamless integration with RT as we go forward. These are all significant additions and we'll have more details in the coming weeks.

RT 4.4 also brings many more new features and improvements:

We'll provide details on these and more over the next few weeks. And you can always find RT's documentation in the documentation section on the Best Practical web site.

End of Life Products

Best Practical maintains and supports two major releases of RT at a time, as described in our version support policy. As such, the release of RT 4.4 will mean RT 4.0 and other related products will be scheduled for end of life. We'll provide details on products, versions, and end of life dates in an upcoming post. Don't panic! We're here to help you upgrade to a newer version to stay supported and get all of the new features and functionality.

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