Best Practical Solutions provides a full range of services to help get Request Tracker (or RTIR) installed and running the way you want it:

  • RT Installations & Deployments: Choose between self-hosting or managed-hosting. We have a variety of plans to choose from.

  • RT Upgrades: We can help you stay current so you can leverage all the new features that come with new versions.

  • Sponsored Features: Customers can fund the development of features we both want to become part of core RT in the future. This ensures that it will be maintained and functional going forward.

  • Custom Development: Geared towards developing a set list of items.

  • Development Blocks: A block of time you can use to ask the BPS engineers to build whatever your team needs, from custom code to scrip actions to integrations.

We also provide training on how to get the most out of RT and RTIR:

  • Public Training: We inform users, admins, and developers the world over with our robust curriculum.

  • Private training: We're available to come onsite to provide customized sessions. Contact us to discuss options to train your team.

Questions? Drop us a line!

Hosted RT

If you would like a hosted and managed installation of Request Tracker, head over to RT Hosting.