Keyboard Shortcuts

Request Tracker 4.4 introduces a number of keyboard shortcuts to improve your productivity. On any page in RT, you can now press "?" on your keyboard to bring up a list of shortcuts for the current page.

Pressing "?" on your keyboard will bring up this "Keyboard Shortcuts" pop-up.

The following shortcuts are available globally throughout RT:

  • / - Select the quick search text box at the top of RT
  • gh - Return to the "RT at a glance" homepage
  • gb - Activates your browser's back button
  • gf - Activates your browser's forward button

There are also a number of page-specific shortcuts. On the search results page the following keyboard shortcuts are available:

  • j - Move down the list of results (You'll see a blue bar highlighting the current result)
  • k - Move up the list of results
  • o or enter - Go to the ticket display page for the currently-selected ticket
  • r - Reply to the currently-selected ticket
  • c - Comment on the currently-selected ticket

As you scroll through the search results with the "j" and "k" keyboard shortcuts, your currently-selected ticket will be marked by a blue line on the left side of the ticket as shown here.

If you are on the Bulk Update page, there is one more shortcut available in addition to the above:

  • x - Toggle the currently-selected ticket's checkbox

We hope that these shortcuts will save you time throughout your day. Do you have any other ideas for shortcuts? Please let us know in the comments!

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