Use Hiveminder on your iPhone with iMinder!

A while back, we released a web services API for Hiveminder.  The Hiveminder API powers as well as a host of other small tools.

Kris Arnold, a Hiveminder user and  software developer has created iMinder, a nifty (and free) Hiveminder client for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

If you're an iPhone or iPod Touch user, you can download iMinder 1.0.1 the App Store. Built on the Hiveminder API, iMinder lets you access your tasks using an intuitive iPhone interface and transparently keeps your iPhone in sync with Hiveminder. (It does a bunch of other cool stuff too.) 

When you start up iMinder, you'll see something like this:

Main screen

iMinder lets you make changes to a task via your phone:

Quick changes

Read more at iMinder's website, or follow iMinder development on Twitter.

Thanks, Kris!

(More screenshots after the cut)

 Edit due dates for your tasks:

Edit due date

Change task details:

Task details

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