RT 3.8.3 Now Available!

Best Practical Solutions is happy to announce that RT 3.8.3 is now available.

You can download it from:


SHA1 sums

6fe0187408104e9a5a9f0832f1f11ed24b6df10a  rt-3.8.3.tar.gz
e87623b4a958b13d5ce1474ca6d8d4024fa13920  rt-3.8.3.tar.gz.sig

Some highlighted changes include:

  • Bug fixes for IE support with the RichText editor.
  • Improvements in parsing and validating gpg-signed messages.
  • Improved config loading, errors, and improved messages about where Config overrides originated.
  • Fix for rewriting Ticket subjects when using Queue Subject tags.
  • Fixes to searching for NULL Custom Fields and improved searching performance.
  • New User level config options for HomePage and Search Result Refresh.
  • Multiple new callbacks.
  • Updated Scrip descriptions to mention that a Notify All includes the Owner.
  • Dashboard improvements, including the ability to nest Dashboards, new access links for dashboards, callbacks, and a new Mon-Fri subscription.

A complete changelog for the RT 3.8.3 release is available from the mailing list archive.

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