RT 4.2.0rc5 Released; Assets extension

We're pleased to announce the availability of RT 4.2.0rc5 - the fifthrelease candidate for the next major version of RT. This release corrects encoding errors with new versions of the Encode module and rendering of fonts in pie charts.

We look forward to hearing your experiences installing or upgrading to this release; the more feedback we get, the sooner the official release of RT 4.2.0 can occur. Bear in mind that reports of successful installs and upgrades are just as important as reports of issues.

Please be sure to review the upgrading documentation available in docs/UPGRADING-4.2, as there are a number of backward-incompatible changes that come along with the new version number.

We are also pleased to announce we have made public our development branch of Assets for RT. This extension requires RT 4.2.0rc5 or above; while no official release has been made, we welcome your testing and comments. We expect to make an official release candidate for Assets 1.0 within the next several weeks.

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