Announcing Our First 2017 Request Tracker Training!

We're thrilled to be bringing our new 3 day training to Paris, France! We'll be there from April 24 until April 26, 2017! Below is a recap of what each day of training covers. Also, if you are from an academic institution or have a support contract with us, you are eligible for discounted pricing. Please write to us for more information on that!

Day one focuses on the usage of RT for non-programmer admins and users. We walk through a common helpdesk config including rights management, workflow construction, notifications and the basics of Lifecycles. Day two begins with server side administration of Request Tracker. We’ll cover deploying and upgrading the software, as well as how to extend it. Day two will also cover basics of RT for Incident Response. And, of course, we’ll be highlighting new features in the latest releases, RT 4.4 and RTIR 4, throughout.

Brand new for for this training: a third workshop day! You’ve been asking for it and we’re listening. For our third day BPS engineers will go through the process of creating a new extension for RT live. You’re encouraged to come prepared with ideas so you can follow along to make your own! The engineers will also be prepared to answer questions related to your own instances of RT. They’ll happily cover rights and administration via the web interface, config questions, scrips and template coding and setup, and custom code. If you have questions about the agenda not covered here, please contact us for clarification.

For a wholly comprehensive experience, we highly recommend attending all three days at USD $1,990. If you don’t need the workshop day, a seat is USD $1,495 for the first and second days. If you’ve attended training before, or are highly experienced with RT, you can purchase a seat for just the workshop day, at $495. Please note that the third day will not cover broad areas like the first 2 days. Each day includes class materials, breakfast, and snacks. You can purchase a seat with a credit card here. If you wish to pay via check or wire transfer, please drop us a note. 

Thank you for supporting RT!

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