Simple Guide to RT's Simple Search

Many of you are familiar with Request Tracker’s built in search engine, Query Builder.  The Query Builder is RT's primary reporting mechanism and lets you find tickets matching some set of criteria.  If you aren’t familiar with all of the power in Query Builder, you can read more about it by visiting our documentation.

While the Query Builder can provide any information you are searching for, RT also has a simplified search feature, Simple Search.


Simple Search enables you to search for tickets by entering the ticket ID, ticket subjects by including the search phrase “in quotes”, Owners by username, and Requestors by email address.  You can also enter in to run a search for any tickets with requestors from a particular organization.  

By default, Simple search will only display results that include tickets that are in an active status. To search both active and inactive tickets, you can type "any" or "inactive" in the search. Our documentation provides instructions on how to change the default configuration.

To fully leverage the power of RT’s Simple Search, you can start the search with the name of the RT field, followed by a colon.  As an example, if you are looking for all active tickets in the general queue, you would enter queue:general.  Similarly, if you are looking for all active tickets which are being requested from your Boston location, you would enter cf.Location:Boston.

Simple search is available at the upper right corner of every page in RT and also under Search > Tickets > Simple Search. The Simple Search page has all of these tips displayed right on the page for future reference.

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