New Best Practical Website Launched

Best Practical is very excited to announce a major redesign and relaunch of our website and blog. As with many companies, we've dedicated the majority of our time over the years to working on Request Tracker (RT), RTIR, and our other products, leaving less time to work on the website. But we've wanted an update for quite some time and are thrilled to finally release it.

Aside from the obvious new look and design, we put thought into some of the main reasons people come visit our site. We've tried to make it useful for these different types of users in addition to looking nice. Here's some new areas you'll find:

  • A modern homepage welcoming users and customers to Best Practical products and services;
  • Many ways to stay up-to-date with BPS including our News page, on our blog (feeds available), and by signing up for our Newsletter (footer on every page);
  • For people new to RT and RTIR, more information on features and functionality;
  • More details on the support and services we offer for RT and RTIR;
  • Easy access to information on public training events;
  • Company details like how to reach us and job postings (we're hiring!);

And there's much more, including a site search that includes blog posts to help you find what you're looking for.

We hope you like the new site. For us, it's just a start. We'll continue to add more useful content and make more updates going forward.

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