RT 4.4.0 released

We're thrilled to announce the availability of RT 4.4.0! This is the first release for the next major version of RT. The focus of this release series is quality-of-life improvements for both users and administrators.

Download RT 4.4.0 and get started today!

When upgrading, please be sure to review the upgrading documentation available in docs/UPGRADING-4.4, as there are a number of backward-incompatible changes that come along with the new version number.

A list of the major new features in RT 4.4.0 is included below. Many of the new features are described and demoed in a series of blog posts here on our blog in our What's New in 4.4 series, with still more to come.

Finally, we'd like to invite you to attend our next training session in Hamburg, Germany, which covers the new features in RT 4.4 as well as RTIR and its next version. Visit our training page for more.

- Shawn M Moore, for Best Practical

  • RT now includes the Assets extension for tracking your physical and digital resources.
  • Attachments can now be stored outside of the database either on disk, in Dropbox, or on Amazon S3. Attachments can also be directly served from S3.
  • SLA tracking is now part of core RT. You can define many different service levels that take your business hours and holidays into account.
  • External authentication and LDAP integration are now shipped as core RT features.
  • RT now has support for custom roles, along the lines of Requestor, Owner, Cc, and AdminCc. These roles can be single-member or multi-member. Privileges can be assigned to members of custom roles, you can search based on custom role membership, you can notify custom role members in scrips, and so on.
  • RT now has a modern file upload interface which allows you to select multiple files in one fell swoop, drag and drop attachments onto RT, and inline preview certain file types like images.
  • We've added a "scroll" option for gradually loading in ticket history as the user scrolls down, much like "infinite scroll". This considerably improves perceived performance.
  • Existing attachments on a ticket can be reused in subsequent replies, so you don't have to upload them again.
  • We now provide some basic Articles configuration for new deploys so that you can start using the feature immediately.
  • You can now break up your RT_SiteConfig.pm file into logically-related chunks under the RT_SiteConfig.d/ directory.
  • You can now specify default values at the queue level for certain ticket fields, including custom fields.
  • RT now warns you when you write the word "attach" (or "attached", etc) but haven't provided any attachments yet, to avoid "sorry, I forgot this attachment" followup mail.
  • RT now understands many more types of "human" date strings.
  • Users can now choose any subset of the seven weekdays to receive their daily dashboard subscriptions.
  • The query builder display format panel has seen several improvements; most importantly adjusting the display columns no longer reloads the entire page.
  • We've added a popout ticket timer for helping you track time inside RT. The timer is associated with a ticket and will add the time to to it for you.
  • RT now ships with keyboard shortcuts for primarily for navigating ticket search results.
  • We ship a (disabled-for-upgrades, enabled-for-new-deploys) scrip for carrying over time worked to parent tickets. Similarly, we ship a scrip for tracking time worked per user.
  • We've added a way to quickly create new linked tickets in queues other than the one that the current ticket is in.
  • There's a new site-level config setting and user preference for hiding unset fields on ticket display pages.
  • Custom fields now have a customizable "entry hint" for helping users understand what they should be entering as values.
  • TicketSQL and the search builder now support Status = '__Active__' and Status = '__Inactive__' type queries, so you no longer need to enumerate all statuses like Status = 'new' OR Status = 'open' OR Status = 'stalled'
  • The mailgate has been completely redesigned and modernized.

For more information including a complete list of changes please see our official release announcement.


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