RT 4.0.5 Released

I'm happy to announce that RT 4.0.5 is now available.

This release contains a number of bugfixes and small improvements since the 4.0.4 release; a few of the more notable ones include:

  • Greatly improved print CSS
  • New Config option - HideResolveActionsWithDependencies removes actions such as Resolve from the action menu on tickets with outstanding dependencies
  • New Config option - AutocompleteOwnersForSearch allows admins to force an Owner autocompleter in the Query Builder
  • New Config option - NoTicketInterfaceForApprovals redirects users to the Approvals interface if they visit an Approval ticket in the regular RT UI
  • Improved Simple Search documentation and new 'any' keyword for any status
  • Improved case insensitivity in the User and Custom Field Autocompleters
  • new --enable-ssl-mailgate configure option and rt-mailgate options to assist with setting rt-mailgate up to talk to your ssl enabled RT server
  • More improvements to email quote detection to handle Outlook quoting
  • The CreateTickets action now supports adding Groups as Watchers
  • httpurl_overwrite no longer inserts spaces into your URLs
  • Added NBSP as a search column in the Query Builder
  • Maintain Approved/Denied state in the radio button on past Approvals
  • Fixes for Bookmarked ticket searches
  • Bugfixes for OverrideOutgoingMailFrom and sending bounces
  • More consistent ordering of Articles
  • Improvements to menu internals, including fixes for Search collections and localization of key names
  • Preserve Content-Disposition when redistributing mail
  • Improved PGP handling for .asc attachments with misleading content-types
  • By default, RT's session cookie will not be available to javascript
  • Allow Charts to be grouped by Told.
  • Test and localization cleanups.

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