RT 3.8.8 Released

We are happy to announce that RT 3.8.8 is now available.You can download it from:
SHA1 sums
be3ac598dcbf584f9bcd9a49248a9ccd3affb330 rt-3.8.8.tar.gz
fd2e1c570a7699f3a19c1101764fb5891ed42c17 rt-3.8.8.tar.gz.sig
This release contains several new features as well as a number
of code quality improvements, bug fixes and new configuration
In particular, we'd like to thank Aaron Sigel for security
auditing work which led directly to a number of security
improvements in this release.
Noticeable features and improvements in this release include:
* Improvements to default Chart fonts and colors
New Hourly grouping options
Optional support for handling chart timezones in your database
* You can now interleave global and queue level custom fields
for display
* RSS feeds are available using an auth string rather than
credentials RT's RSS feeds should now work in significantly
more feed readers
* RTAddressRegexp improvements to prevent users from adding
an RT address as a watcher on a ticket
* Admin UI improvements, including the new
AdminSearchResultFormat config option
* Your current password is now required to change a password
via RT's web interface
* New web handler: bin/fastcgi_server which allows you to run
RT as a FastCGI external server
* Refactored Elements/ShowUser so it's easer to add custom
* Printed views of RT tickets should now be somewhat more
visually pleasing
* RT now uses less memory when building the First/Prev/Next/Last
links for the result of a big ticket search
* New config options: AttachmentUnits, AlwaysDownloadAttachments,
DefaultMailPrecedence, DefaultErrorMailPrecedence,
MessageBoxIncludeSignature*, UseOriginatorHeader and
LogoutRefresh. See RT_Config.pm for more information on these
and other configuration options.
A complete changelog is available in the original post 

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