Net::Google::Code - now with support for Google's Issues API

The Google Code team just announced API support for Google Code Issues. I'm pleased to report that Net::Google::Code, our Perl module for Google Code now has beta-quality support for the Issues API.

If you're interested in trying out (and reporting bugs in) the new code right this minute, grab a copy from the repository.  Once we've put the new code through its paces, we'll merge it back to the master branch and push a new release to CPAN.

We wrote Net::Google::Code (and Net::Trac and Net::Lighthouse) to support SD, our peer-to-peer disconnected issue tracking system. SD lets you take your Google Code (or Trac, Lighthouse, Redmine, RT or Hiveminder) tickets offline, work on them and later synchronize with your upstream issue tracker.

If you're interested in trying out SD and are using Mac OS X or Linux, you can build and install it into ~/sd/bin/sd by running:


Right now, SD doesn't yet take advantage of the API announced today. We're very much looking forward to fixing that over the next few days.

Congrats (and thanks) to Jacob, Ali and the rest of the rest of the Google Code team! I'm really excited to see Google Code becoming easier to work with programmatically.  

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