RTFM 2.4.0 Announced

Following the release of RT 3.8.1, Best Practical is happy to announce a new version of RTFM.  This version of RTFM is compatible with RT 3.4, 3.6 and 3.8.1 and higher.  It contains a number of integration fixes for 3.8.   

You can download the release from:



Please note that RTFM 2.4 is not compatible with RT 3.8.0. If you are using RT 3.8.0, please upgrade to RT 3.8.1.

Updated Translation Templates

  • This release includes newly updated translation templates.
  • Patches are welcome to fill these in and update the existing translation for future releases.
  • There are directions in po/README.

New Features and Changes

  •   SelfService users can search for Articles
  •   Global Topics
    • Queue specific article lists using Topics
  •   Integration with 3.8
  •   RTFM UI is now available during Ticket Creation (in 3.8.1 or higher only)

Corrected Bugs

  •   Fixed cases where "Refers To" links were not correctly created when using an Article while Replying to Tickets
  •   Better error handling in the display and creation of Links
  •   Fixed sorting of Topics in the different views of Articles
  •   Fixed display of Topics and Articles in the Topic view of the system
  •   Many more cleanups

We're excited to be able to bring you the new features and improvements in this version of RTFM. If you need help deploying or upgrading RTFM, please don't hesitate to contact us at sales@bestpractical.com.

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