Hiveminder is waiting for your call

One of my favorite things about Hiveminder is the number and variety of systems it can talk to. Since we launched, we've wanted a way for you to be able to talk to Hiveminder.

We've just integrated with Hiveminder. Jott is the "missing link" service that lets you dictate notes from your mobile phone. You can send email, add items to your calendar, and now you can put items on your Hiveminder todo list.

Wherever you are, whatever you're doing, Hiveminder is now just a phone call away:

  1. Call 1-866-JOTT-123
  2. Say "Hiveminder"
  3. Then say your task. "Take out the garbage tomorrow"

Jott will transcribe your note, send it along to Hiveminder, and we'll create the task for you. You'll be able to listen to a recording of your note, so you don't need to worry about hard to understand words.

If you want, you can give all Jott tasks from your office phone the [work] tag. Just link your Jott account to a specific Hiveminder tasks by email address to automatically set tags, due dates and everything else we support in those [square brackets].

Setting up Hiveminder to work with Jott only takes a moment. Try it out today.

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