(or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the command line)

I've got a dirty little secret. I don't like using a web browser that much.  For much of my life, I've just made my todo lists in a text editor.  (I knew Hiveminder was ready for us to release when I started voluntarily using it on a day to day basis, rather than just keeping a text file open in a window.)

A few summers ago at O'Reilly's Emerging Technologies Conference, Danny O'Brien gave a session called Life Hacks: Tech Secrets of Overprolific Alpha Geeks. One of the things that it seemed all the super-productive uber-hackers did was to track their todo lists in simple text files.  Since long before we launched, Hiveminder's "braindump" and "edit as textfile" features have made it pretty easy for me to work as if I'm still living in a textfile.
, the editor of, launched, a site dedicated to command line tools and a simple text format to track your todo list.  One of the "killer apps" for todo.txt lovers has been, a simple command line program for managing your todo list.  When we saw it, we fell in love.

We're proud to present the first testing version of, a Hiveminder client that works like does.

You can download it at: or just install it via CPAN by running: cpan -i App::Todo (probably as root).

To get started, you'll need a (free) Hiveminder account. If you're moving over from, you can upload your todo.txt and we'll create Hiveminder tasks for you.

Some usage samples: add "Do the dishes [housework]"

            Add a task to your todo list. list
            List all tasks in your todo list. --tag home --tag othertag --group personal list
            List all personal tasks (not in a group with tags 'home' and 'othertag'). --tag cli --group hiveminders edit 3G Implement
            Move task 3G into the hiveminders group, set its tags to
            "cli", and change the summary. --tag "" 4J
            Delete all tags from task 4J tag 4J home
            Add the tag ``home'' to task 4J

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