SVK 2.0 Technology Preview 1

I'm glad to announce svk 2.0 technology preview 1 (tp1); we are on the
way to our 2.0 release, scheduled to come out before Christmas.

Although this is not a stable release, we have been using this version
for daily development without issues.  So please upgrade if you'd like
to help with testing and to try out the new features below.

This is the first major release after 18 months of development since
svk 1.0 was released in May 2005, and there have been exciting
improvements and features since then.  Here are some highlights:

* Interactive commits

You can now use "svk commit --interactive".  svk will work you
through each chunk of changes in each file, and let you decide
exactly which ones you want to commit.

* Floating checkout

You can now use "svk checkout --float" to have the checkout metadata
stored in the toplevel directory of the checkout copy.  This allows
you to move the checkout copy around without having to use "svk
checkout --relocate".

* View support

svk's "views" are much like views in databases. You can now set up a
"view" that is actually a map to different parts of a
repository. You can then check out the "view" and work with it as if
it's just an ordinary svk checkout path.

Please note that this feature is still of beta-quality; some
commands do not work properly in view checkouts.  We plan to fix
them before the tp2 release.

* Log filter plugins

You can now write custom log processing plugins for filtering and
displaying log messages; svk ships with several, and others are
available on CPAN.  For example, try "svk log --filter 'author
clkao'" or "svk log --output stat" (the latter requires
SVK::Log::Filter::Stats from CPAN).

* Better copy and rename support across merge.

This solves the problem described in:

* Startup time improvements

* Many, many bugfixes and tiny features


(posted by Jesse)

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