Dashboard Weekday Checkboxes

RT's dashboards, constructed from saved searches and charts, are a great way to pull together key ticket information for you or your team. Sometimes you might want to see a dashboard at a specific point in your week or share it with someone who doesn't regularly access RT, like a manager or someone in a different department.

Since version 4.0, RT has allowed you to do this by sending a scheduled email using the dashboard subscription feature. If you haven't used it, just go into your dashboard configuration and click Subscription, then set the schedule and the recipient email addresses.

In RT 4.4 we have made the timing selection more flexible and granular. Previously, RT users could only select daily, Monday through Friday, weekly by day of the week, or monthly on one day:

But we all know that not everyone works Monday through Friday, 9-5. So we have updated the daily option to have a selection of the days of the week you'd like to receive the dashboard in your email.

Now you can sign up for RT to deliver your desired dashboards right to your inbox on any combination of days of the week!

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