Local date header extension

We're testing a possible enhancement to core RT with anew extension that modifies the Date: display in RT's ticket history.

We've seen that some mail servers (particularly some versions of Microsoft Exchange) are now sending all emails with timestamps in UTC. This can be very confusing for users since RT will display that an email was received in the user's timezone, but then display an email Date header many hours "off" from the user's view. This has always been true when someone from New York sent email to an RT used by a user in Los Angeles, but the forced shift to UTC makes this even more noticeable.

Here is a standard RT display of such an email.

That same email with the extension enabled:

If you've noticed this display issue in your RT, give the RT::Extension::LocalDateHeader extension a try on your RT installation.

Bugs can be reported to bug-RT-Extension-LocalDateHeader [at] rt.cpan.org and we take pull requests at github.

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