New documentation for RT

As we mentioned in September, we've been working on documentation and we've got some updates for you from our latest release.


Lifecycles are a major new feature in RT 4 and the core documentation has been available in We've added more documentation that walks through an example lifecycle customization to give you an idea how you might take advantage of this powerful feature.

Styling RT

If you've poked around the Configuration tab, you've probably found the RT Theme Editor. If not, it's described in the new RT Styling doc. We also offer some guidelines on adding custom CSS and even developing your own RT theme. If you create one, we'd love to hear about it!

RT Approvals

Setting up approvals in RT is described briefly in RT Essentials. Approvals are now explained more fully, with an example. We also improved the documentation for the CreateTickets action which is key to setting up the automatic creation of approval tickets.


Articles, formerly the RTFM extension and now part of core RT, now has documentation explaining setup, configuration, and usage.

RT Backups

We often get questions about what you need to back up to make sure you can retore your RT instance, so we've published our general backup guidelines.

Loading RT Objects

If you've installed RT or an RT extension that creates a template or scrip, you've run the make initdb or make upgrade-database commands. These commands process files that contain various RT objects and create them in your RT database. The syntax of these initialdata files is now documented which should make it much easier for extension authors to include RT objects with their extensions.

General Documentation Cleanup

We've continued to clean up our POD and improve our documents, most notable adding images and screenshots which you can see in our Lifecycles and styling docs.

We hope you find these new documents useful. We'll continue to improve and expand on our documentation so you can get the most out of all the features of RT. If you find incorrect information or want to suggest improvements, you can file bug reports at or send us a pull request on github.

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