Release Scheduling

We're currently hard at work on the next major version of Request Tracker (RT 4.2) and we want to share our plans for the current RT release series.

As our current stable release, RT 4.0 will continue to receive regular bugfix releases. All new features are targeted for 4.2. This allows us to provide a consistent and stable upgrade path within the 4.0 series.

At this time, RT 3.8 will only be receiving security or critical bugfixes. When we release 4.2, we will announce an end of life schedule for 3.8.

The RT FAQ Manager was integrated into RT 4.0 as the Articles feature. Once RT 3.8 is no longer supported, support will also cease for RTFM.

With the release of 4.2, we also plan to stop fixing bugs for certain old and outdated web browsers. In particular this means IE6, but may also include other browsers that cause us maintenance problems. We will not actively break compatibility with these browsers, but we will not be developing patches to fix them.

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