rt.cpan.org updates

We rolled out a few changes to the defaults on rt.cpan.org today. You'llnotice that all of your plain text mail and attachments are now monospaced and wrapped. This should make reading examples and patches much friendlier. If you preferred the old behavior, you can switch back from the Preferences link available to users logged in with their PAUSE credentials.

We've also turned on the RT feature to automatically make the links in ticket history clickable. Let us know if this causes any display issues for you by using the rt-cpan-admin email address on each page of rt.cpan.org.

Maintainers and Requestors can now link their tickets to another ticket in rt.cpan.org. This makes it easier to flag dependencies between tickets. Previously, you could only link tickets on rt.cpan.org if you were a Maintainer in both rt.cpan.org Queues.

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