Time tracking (beta) with Hiveminder

Today we're releasing time tracking as a new Hiveminder Probeta feature.  (If you read to the end of this post, you can save a few bucks when you sign up for Pro.)

Time tracking in Hiveminder lets you estimate the time left for a task and record when and how long you work on it.  These numbers are useful as a measure of completion and for tracking billable hours.  Once you've started using time tracking, Hiveminder can generate reports that show how well you track time.

Handy stopwatches for each task make it easy to keep track of your time as you work.

Screenshot of the stopwatch for time tracking

Reports per task and for any tasklist provide a way to see how much time is left and who has worked on the task.

Screenshot of time tracking reports

Learn more about how to use time tracking in our online help.

Time tracking is a new feature for us that hasn't seen a lot of usage yet, so we're not sure how it'll work for everyone.  (This is why we're calling it a beta feature.)  We'll be improving and refining it as time goes on and we use it more, but we also want your feedback.  As always, we're very open to all comments and suggestions for improvement.  Let us know using the feedback box on every page what parts of time tracking work for you and what parts don't.

If you decide to sign up for Hiveminder Pro to try out this beta feature in the next month, use the coupon TIMETRACKINGBETA to get 10$ off!

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