Hiveminder in the news

So, we've seen a bit more press and blogger notice of Hiveminder than usual and we're pretty excited:

Hiveminder got written up in the Austin American Statesman.

I found out becase we've been seeing a little bit more in the way of the "what are these tag things?" feedback than is usual and I went Googling.  The writeup itself makes me want to blush.

Is it wrong to love a Web site? To be happy to see it every day? To feel lost without it?

I am crazy about Hiveminder. I started using the online to-do list a little more than a year ago, and we're very content together. I had been lost, adrift — trying different ways to track my stuff, but never settling down. Hiveminder made me less flaky, less absent-minded, less likely to wake up at 3 a.m. realizing I had forgotten something important. Hiveminder, you complete me.

Of course, with great publicity, comes great responsibility. We've been deluged with feedback, lots of it really good. Even the complaints are friendly and helpful. We're working hard to get all the feedback answered and improve our online help based on what we've heard.

Paul Fenwick put together a great slidecast about how he uses Hiveminder to be more productive.

Paul talks about his basic productivity hacking with Hiveminder as well as some of the most advanced poweruser features hidden away in our IM interface. 

Thanks, Paul. This is great stuff.

Zak Greant presented Hiveminder on The Lab with Leo Laporte.

I'm bummed out because this (from all accounts glowing) presentation is only available to those of you in Canada and Australia for the time being. It will end up at the link above eventually, but for now those of us in the US need to sit tight.

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