Keeping up with the Milkses

This Monday morning, a friend emailed me to point out the incredibly nifty Google Calendar integration the folks over at rememberthemilk had put together.  It's slick, clean and easy to use. I was pretty I started to dig into just what they had to do in order to get things going. Turns out that it's incredibly easy to build an integration with Google Calendar. An hour later, I had something that basically worked. 

We're in the middle of Mission-Impossible-Funding season (That's when the customers come to us and say "We need a widget that does XYZ. The funding will self-destruct at the end of our fiscal about 20 minutes. Can you deliver?) it took me until tonight to sneak in enough time go publish a first draft of the functionality.

You can now work with your Hiveminder todo list from within Google Calendar. Just click this button:

Oh. and one more thing. We recently added a history browsing  feature to Hiveminder. Clicking on the "History" link in the Hiveminder menu bar will take you to a list of things that have happened in the past day. You can skip back as far as you want to see what you missed when you ditched work yesterday  were at home sick.  It seemed natural to include this in the Google Calendar view too. So, if you click on the Hiveminder icon for yesterday, you'll see what happened yesterday.  Tuesday three weeks ago? No problem.

We know the display isn't so pretty yet, but it should be pretty functional. Is this functionality you could use? How could we make it better?

Jesse, for Hiveminder

PS There is absolutely no truth to the rumor that we implemented this feature just to be able to title a blog post "Keeping up with the Milkses"

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