*taptaptap* Is this thing on?

Here at Best Practical, our web presence has been...somewhat scattered. Between our internal "news" section inside hiveminder hiveminders.blogspot.com, the rt-announce mailing list and our various personal blogs, our corporate message has been scattered, at best. And we haven't really had a good forum to announce new projects like CommitBit, Mnemonic, Jifty and the "Bad osftware ideas" we sometimes refer to as Worst Impractical Solutions.

Back when we had an old-school marketing person who prided herself on the size and depth of her rolodex,bestpractical.com had a news section that we kept up to date.   For the past few years, we've been far too technology focused. We haven't had a good forum to get the word out about all the cool stuff we're doing (to say nothing of all the horribly embarrassing, but funny stories about life as a small, self-funded software company.)

I can't promise that we won't subject you to my ideas about what makes a programmer good or a programming language suck. We're as opinionated as everybody else who's been doing this for a while. But mostly, I suspect that we're going to be too busy building things to play the punditry game very much.

That's all a bit of a long-winded way to say:


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