RT Hosting

In partnership with Gossamer Threads, we offer a number of hosting options to help you run and maintain Request Tracker and Request Tracker for Incident Response. We’ve developed a fast and powerful platform if you’d like the peace of mind and lower management overhead that come with a managed hosted solution.

Key features of Hosted RT

  • Performance: Our servers were developed and built by Perl developers. We have years of experience running demanding Perl applications, and have mod_perl setup the way it should be. We will keep your RT running smoothly.

  • Managed Service: All of our plans are on fully managed servers that include regular updates, security patches, and 24x7x365 monitoring. Not only is the server monitored, but we monitor at the application level to ensure that RT is running properly.

  • Single Point of Support: If anything is wrong with your RT instance, whether it's hardware or software, we’ve got you covered.

  • Scale: We can upgrade your RT installation seamlessly; letting it grow as your needs grow.

  • Full Access to Source: You will have full access to the source of your Request Tracker installation, as well as full access to your RT mod_perl server and SQL database.

  • Anti-virus/Anti-spam: All of our plans support anti-virus and ant-spam filtering technologies to ensure you don't spend your time dealing with spam.


Unlimited Users, No Contracts, Affordable Pricing



500 tickets/month

  • Shared Server
  • Runs in your own mod_perl
  • RT's Full Feature Set
  • Operational/Community Support



1,000 tickets/month

  • Dedicated Server
  • 2 cores, 8 GB RAM, 200 GB space
  • RT's Full Feature Set
  • Custom Domain
  • Basic AD Authentication
  • Operational/Product Support
  • Standard SLA
  • Advanced Security Notifications



5000 tickets/mo

  • Dedicated Server
  • 8 cores, 32GB RAM, 300GB Space
  • RT's Full Feature Set
  • Custom Domain
  • Basic AD Authentication
  • Operational/Product Support
  • High Priority SLA
  • Advanced Security Notifications
  • Extension Customization
  • Chat Support and more. . .

All of our plans include a 30-day Money Back Guarantee. Please contact us to discuss how one of our standard support arrangements or a custom contract can help you get the most out of RT.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer on-premise deployment options?

Yes, many organizations choose to deploy RT on-premise and we offer on-premise support packages to help you deploy and maintain RT.

How can I deploy RT for free?

RT is, and forever will be freely available to download and deploy. If you are comfortable maintaining RT on premise and you can grab the latest stable release here.

Do you provide any discounts?

We are happy to offer a 20% discount to Academic Institutions and a 10% discount to non-profit organizations.

Can I move to Hosted RT from my on-premise instance?

Absolutely and we’re here to help! If you are interested in moving your locally deployed RT to a managed install we’ve got you covered.

What if I go over the ticket allotment?

No worries! We can be flexible if you exceed the ticket volume occasionally, or have spike of volume for a short period of time. If you are seeing a continued increase, we’ll work with you to adjust your plan by either setting you up on the next level of support or to something custom that will meet your needs.