RTFM: The RT FAQ Manager

RTFM has now reached end-of-life. However, as of RT 4.0.0, RTFM's functionality was integrated into RT itself as Articles. Learn more.

RTFM is a knowledge management tool tightly integrated with RT which enables an organization to easily capture and share its employees' collected wisdom.

Just as you use RT to log tickets and resolve issues, RTFM lets you open, categorize, and search for "articles." Your users can contribute additional information to existing articles and each article's full history is preserved for future inspection. It's simple to quickly search the knowledge base and find the critical information you need.


  • Collect shared knowledge and document your procedures
  • Articles can be used for stock answers to speed up response time
  • Seamless integration with RT
  • Turn tickets into RTFM articles quickly and easily to grow your knowledge base
  • Incredibly flexible: use articles for any kind of content and track only what you need