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If your organization uses RT, let us know! You can rest assured knowing you're in good company.

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From our users

Was just reviewing an RT system that I stood up back in '10 today and wanted to give you guys some props. I have used RT and recommended it countless times. It is still my go-to system when it comes to ticketing project based work and/or wrangling an out of control email-based mess into a measurable, manageable system.

Thanks so much for all your efforts and for keeping RT free to the public (that helps us admins get it up and running), This however would not be allowed in most cases without the support you guys offer for businesses. I have turned more than a couple your way after my departure from administering a live system only to hear that you guys are and continue to provide the best of the best in support helping tremendously both in upgrades and custom options.

Oh yeah, and the system I put in place in '10, running on a 1proc, 1gb mem VM image on a crowded box. Because of the careful thought in architecture and design, it has processed 3.3 million transactions, and handled over 550k tickets for nearly 2000 users during these last 3 years. Where other systems have slowed to a crawl, this one is still lightning fast (v3.8.8). Thanks Best Practical!

—Brian Burnett, Rochester Institute of Technology

Thank you for developing such a slick, professional open source product. I am sure commercial vendors would charge thousands of dollars for something comparable. At Hitmeister (we run an electronic marketplace at www.hitmeister.de) we use RT for our internal support tickets, initial sorting of feature requests and to manage job applications. We are currently using a commercial software for our user requests (which run into thousands daily) but I am thinking of switching to RT 3.8 when the next license negotiations come up.

—Jan Miczaika, Managing Director, Hitmeister

We've used RT for months now. Recently we upgraded our system to 3.6.1 and we are so happy with it as always. Thank you, thank you, thank you! RT is simply awesome, period.

—Keith Chau, Product Management and Marketing, PePWave

We love what you guys have done with RT. It has made our client support and task management more effective, persistent, and transparent. It is one of our cornerstone tools in keeping our client satisfaction high and our business running smooth.

—Robert Matney, Amicus, Inc.

We have been using RT for 3 months now and find it to be an excellent ticketing system. After having used a few, including our own (in-house) tool we find that RT does a far superior job and is highly configurable to suit any ones needs.

Thanks for making such a great piece of software.

—Chaitanya Veludandi, Technical Services, TCG Software Services

We've been using RT for the past three years now and it's by far the best ticketing management system I have ever come across. We have a cross section of both in-house suport teams and clients who access the system on a daily basis, and it makes all our lives easier. To put it simply, "It does what it says on the tin." Forget expensive solutions, RT is all you'll ever need.

—Patrick Byrnes, Operations Director, Packnet Limited (UK)

I have just finished [the] upgrade to RT 3.6.1 for our technical support here at the NGO Médecins Sans Frontières Switzerland (Doctors Without Borders Switzerland).

I [would like to] take the opportunity to congratulate you and to thank you for this very good product.

—David Bichsel, Doctors Without Borders Switzerland

AurISP IT Consulting in Germany, Bonn, has been using RT for over 6 months now. It has simplified our and the lives of our customers enormously. Now we really have fun at work. Thank you.

—Waldemar Brodkorb, CEO and Lars Ehrhardt, CEO, AurISP IT Consulting

We've been using RT for a couple of years now. It works flawlessly. Not only is the interface easy to learn and understand, the program is also very functional. Having used it for this long, we know RT is here for the long run.

—Kong Trang, Vice President, NetCal Consulting, Inc.

Best Practical's RT Ticket System has proven to be a highly effective time-management and project-tracking system. It enables all Tiger Team Solutions employees to instantly know the status of any client project and keeps everyone informed of new issues and assignments as they arise.

The RT Ticket System is easy to learn, with intuitive organization and search and notification tools. The Best Practical team are professionals who are easy to work with, experts in their field, and highly responsive to our needs. Best Practical has fulfilled all of our requests and exceeded our expectations.

—James Levisee and John Powers, Principals, Tiger Team Solutions, LLC

Navicore uses RT. It's a wonderful piece of software.


RT doesn't get in the way. RT is what a request system should be, it just works.

RT keeps customers happy by being easily accessible to submit a request. Then keeps customers informed throughout the process automatically and empowers them to be involved along the way.

Customers actually call me to tell me how great RT is instead of calling me with issues.

—Marc Davignon, Senior Systems Administrator, Tribune Company

After trying out countless free and commercial ticketing systems to manage our customer support requests, we finally settled on RT. We've been using it live for just under a month now, and we love it! Because of its flexibility and excellent design, it has also spread to managing all of our internal admin requests, sales orders, purchase orders, credit control and anything else I can possibly raise a ticket for. Would I consider changing it? You'd have to pry it from my cold, dead hands!

—Iain Gray, Nexus Data Solutions Ltd.

Since 1998, IE Internet has been providing managed hosting to a multitude of customers, many with very diverse support needs.

When our in-house ticketing system finally started to show its limitations, I searched high and low for a package that could meet our unique requirements.Nothing came close to RT!

Version 3 has been in production use since January 2004 and I don't see us ever looking back.Easy to use and customise, with perfect work-flow management, our support department have never been happier.

If you're looking for a ticketing system, I'd throughly recommend RT. It beats any commercial offering that I've ever used.

—Ken O'Driscoll, CTO, IE Internet.com Ltd.

Our company was looking for a software to help our hotline people and the development team handle user requests more effectively, mainly avoiding requests to be "forgotten" or distant users to be treated less effectively than local users. Standard commercial packages were far beyond our reach in terms of budget, and as we had no experience with such packages, we were unable to write a proper set of specifications or requested features to evaluate the available products. RT seemed to be the best sofware to start from while we built our experience.

Now that we've been using RT for almost two years, we have no reason to move to anything else anymore. The product does everything we need. Some other departments are closely looking at it for their own needs, as it seems it is suitable to handle any situation where a large number of "customers" send in "requests" that have to be tracked until completion by different people/teams/services.

Version 3 of RT removed the only reason why it had not yet spread widely in our organisation: localization. Being able to have a French speaking interface, or even a multi-language interface enables anybody in the company to use it.

—Blaise Thauvin

Houxou.com runs many Virtual (branded) Internet Service Providers, and RT lets us handle separate inbound mail queues for technical support for those VISPs. Additionally we use it to generate internal requests for fixes, upgrades etc., as well as for our billing, abuse, postmaster, sales, domain name administration and priority support mail addresses.

I spent more than 12 months looking for a suitable piece of software, and went through just about everything out there. RT stands out by a huge margin as the best thought out, most easily used and appropriate piece of software for managing high volume inbound mail addresses. Its also great to have the reassurance that it is still being developed, and that requests for features are taken on board - the fact that it costs nothing is just the icing on the cake!

—Andy Nash, Product Development Manager, Houxou.com

Very helpful in tracking and prioritizing emerging desired features, in addition to the more obvious bug-tracking. Testers and users were able to take advantage of the email submission gateway, which made bug submission very easy.

—Chris Shenton, NASA

How do you take an disorganized, overworked, overstressed, and unmanagable sysadmin in a small company and make him an organized and managable sysadmin? Install RT and tell him that if it's not in RT it doesn't exist.

—Paolo Supino, Telmap

Our villa rental website [mycaribbean.com] has grown from the sideline it started as to a very busy website that generates about 50% of the villa bookings on the island [of Anguilla]... I was impressed with [RT's] power and flexibility. We decided to implement RT as our customer management solution.

My great fear was that the sales people would hate it and refuse to use it, but that didn't happen. The software has been reliable, easy to use and immensely configurable.

—Chris Mason, mycaribbean.com

This is a really mature product. That is one reason that I hadn't checked for updates - didn't seem like it needed anything... You can tell that:
A) You have a good organizational vision for designing a flexible and powerful product
B) You have listened to user input
This thing not only rocks as a product, but it rocks as a framework!!! Excellent work!

—Mike Hamilton, San Joaquin Valley College

Bruker Nonius BV... started using RT in our R&D department to track research projects, priorities, and people involved.

The big advantage... is that customer requests can be handled from different time zones (we have offices in Europe and the USA), and that the RT system takes care of distributing responsibilities even if helpdesk people are travelling.

—Rob Hooft, Bruker Nonius BV

DynDNS.org has implemented RT into its user management, email, and voicemail systems to track customer inquiries and offer top level support through RT's intuitive, easy to use web interface. RT is flexible; allowing system administrators and developers to integrate RT into systems that are already in use, while offering a multitude of features available from RT itself.

—Tom Daly, Senior Support Engineer, DynDNS.org

Since 1998, we have grown from a group of friends using the service on a dialup modem to almost 300,000 users around the world with a global DNS network. Supporting this system has, from the start, been a challenge. We originally found RT1 when our system of a simple IMAP mailbox failed to scale to multiple volunteers providing support - a ticketing system was vital to providing timely support. After investigating several systems, RT best fit our needs, and our financial constraints.

When RT2 came out, we were hesitant to migrate - RT1 worked, and we had a significant number of tickets already in the system. However, we eventually made the leap, and haven't looked back. We've found Jesse's support to be superb - even in IRC, for no charge, what he provides is incredible. When we needed new functionality for RT, Jesse was very responsive to our needs. Within a very short timeframe from our initial request, Jesse had a patch to us which, when applied, provided exactly the functionality we needed. Without RT, we simply could not provide the level of support to our users that we do. The bulk reply feature that we contracted with Jesse to provide has already saved us hours of replies to spam complaints.

—Tim Wilde, Founder and Systems Administrator, DynDNS.org

Compared to other products such as Remedy, RT is amazing and allows us to focus on helping customers and projects.

—Jeremy Hitchcock, Chief Financial Officer, DynDNS.org

The Computer Science and Engineering department at the University at Buffalo has been using RT for the past two years and have been very happy with the results. Our previous use of email to track support requests was breaking down, and RT was a good solution at the right price. Since we deployed it, at least four other departments at the University have started using it.

—Matthew Stock, University at Buffalo

I used RT1 very successfully at my last company, and when we went out of business I stopped using it. Now that I have another job I immediately set up RT2...

One of the things that has always impressed me about RT is that it is one of the few open source projects I can think of with a nice UI... the presentation is classy and very functional.

I'm using RT2 to manage job applications, and given the state of the economy I'm literally getting hundreds of applications a day. Without something like RT I'd be screwed.

—Marc Hedlund

Wanted you to know that RT *saved my life*. . . . In less than 3 hours I had it up and running and a staff of 25 tech support staff using it to field queries from customers. No training, no mess, no fuss. It just worked.

—David Troy

All customer interaction is done through RT. We've been using [it] for over a year now... I want to thank you for making our jobs a lot easier.

—Bastiaan Spandaw, LeaseWeb

We're an express shipping company. I have deployed RT... after evaluating a number of free problem tracking systems. We use it for our various production support groups, to manage tasks, file on call reports, and handle user requests. If has proven quite popular, especially in comparison with the "official" mainframe-based system (bleah!).

—Kenneth L. Hamer

RT clearly better supports our needs than DCL which had many strange bugs and features that weren't needed instead of solid core functionality, GNATS which was too complex for the users, and other solutions such as Bugzilla and such which were too geared to software development. We use RT for both technical support and software development.

—Jeff Johnson, Website Factory