RT: Request Tracker


RT's list of features is massive, and of course it's all free for you to use with absolutely no licensing fees. Here's a few features that stand out.

Your critical information is always available and all in one place

Your RT install is available from anywhere you have access to the internet on any device—your desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone will all work! As a web application, it doesn't matter whether you're running Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux. Not only can you use RT on the web, but you can interact with RT via email too. You'll get email about changes from RT, and you can reply right from your inbox. For the more technically minded, RT provides a REST API and even a command-line client to talk to RT from other programs and integrate with other systems. Connections to ArcSight, Nagios, Journyx, MediaWiki, Subversion and more already exist!

Completely customizable to your organization

RT's queues let you categorize tickets and projects however makes sense for you, and there's no artificial limit on the number you can use. All your workflow and business logic can be taught to RT using our powerful "scrips", lifecycles, custom fields, approvals, and extensions which let you spend less time keeping tedious records. We know your customers or staff might be scattered around the globe, so RT speaks over 15 languages including English, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Spanish, French, and many more. If there's something RT doesn't do that you need, you have the source to write it yourself, or we'll be happy to develop it for you.

And even more features like

  • Mobile-optimized interface for you and your staff's iPhone, Android, and WebOS devices
  • Dashboards and relationship graphs to show you the big picture
  • Search for users and see customized summaries of them New in 4.2!
  • Seamless PGP support for encrypting, decrypting, signing, and verifying outgoing and incoming email
  • S/MIME integration equivalent to our PGP support. New in 4.2!
  • Richtext editing to easily format your correspondence
  • Time tracking and reporting, including support for service level agreements
  • Build charts that summarize your activity by time and other fields Improved in 4.2!
  • Integration with your existing user login system
  • Easy branding and custom theming with our theme editor
  • A self-service interface for non-users to interact with their tickets
  • Articles for built-in stock answers and a staff knowledge base