RT: Request Tracker


RT lets you install extensions which add functionality and features to the vanilla RT package. They're a great way to customize RT for your needs! Extensions are usually freely available and written by both Best Practical and users of RT alike. Browse our featured extensions and full extension list below!

Extensions List

Best Practical
Merge and resolve Nagios tickets
Non Watcher Recipients
Best Practical
Note when non-watchers received an email which RT redistributed to watchers
One Time To
Best Practical
Adds a One-time To: box next to the One-time Cc/Bcc boxes
Parent Time Worked
Best Practical
Add TimeWorked to parent
Permissive HTML Mail
Best Practical
Allows a greater range of HTML in RT, at the cost of security
Preview In Search
Best Practical
Preview tickets right from search results page
Priority As String
Best Practical
Show priorities in RT as strings instead of numbers
Quick Assign
Best Practical
Add owner change links on ticket display page
Quick Calls
Best Practical
Quickly create tickets in specific queues with default values
Quick Update
Best Practical
Adds an update box to ticket display