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We're always creating more software than just our main products. Very often we build out the supporting pieces for our products and release them under an open source license for everyone to use. Sometimes want something for our own work, and it turns out to be useful for others too.

All of our open source code is available on GitHub

Here's a short list of just some of our software:

Dozens of CPAN modules and other code are available in our GitHub repositories. From RT extensions and Jifty plugins to standalone libraries and apps, we've released tons of code to CPAN.

Jifty is the only web app framework that comes with a pony. We think it's niftier than sliced bread, and others seem to as well. Jifty is behind the scenes of this website, Hiveminder and Checkmarkable.

SD (Simple Defects) is a peer-to-peer bug tracker that's built for sharing and use both online and offline. One of its most useful features is its ability to bidirectionally sync with many other bug trackers.

Prophet is the magic that makes SD tick. It's a "grounded, semirelational, peer to peer replicated, disconnected, versioned, property database with self-healing conflict resolution." Whew! Check out the talks on Prophet to learn what's behind the buzzwords.

Shipwright is our packaging system. It allows you to track all of your project's dependencies, as well as build order and build instructions, in a version control repository like Git or SVN. When it's time to release a version of your software, it'll create a standalone, fully relocatable package for you that your users can just drop down on their machine and use without fussing over dependencies.

Wifty is a basic wiki built using Jifty. Originally just an example application, it's grown to run

Template::Declare allows you to write your HTML/XML/RDF/XUL templates in declarative Perl, giving you the advantage of inheritence, mixins, delegation, and public and private templates. We really like it, and it's the default templating library in Jifty.