RT Workshop: Madrid, Spain- May 16, 2018

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Madrid city photo.jpeg

RT Workshop: Madrid, Spain- May 16, 2018

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One of the challenges we always have with RT training is the amount of material we have to cover in just two days. This third day will allow us to go much deeper into some aspects of RT's internals and spend more time on questions specific to your RT instance. This is our plan for day three:

  • BPS engineers will walk through the process of creating a new RT extension, showing every step live. Participants are encouraged to bring their ideas for new extensions so they can follow along and create their own.
  • BPS engineers will be available to work with participants on questions related to their RT instances. Questions can include rights and administration via the web interface, configuration questions, scrips and template coding and setup, and custom code.

While we will have some prepared material, the majority of the day is a hands-on workshop with participants actively working on their own RT projects. If you have specific ideas or RT customizations you would like to work on, join us for this full day workshop directly following the training and let BPS help you resolve your internal RT to-do list.

Please contact us if you are already a support customer, or are from an academic institution for special pricing.

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